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A Voyage to New Holland by William Dampier

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A Voyage to New Holland
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A Voyage to New Holland In The Year 1699 by William Dampier
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40,363 / 117 pg
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William Dampier from
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A Voyage to New Holland In The Year 1699 by William Dampier is a free kindle books for your Kindle, iPad/iPhone, computer, smart phone or ereader.

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A Voyage to New Holland by William Dampier description:

uly 4 we anchored in Batavia Road, and I went ashore, visited the Dutch General, and desired the privilege of buying provisions that I wanted, which was granted me. In this road we lay till the 17th of October following, when, having fitted the ship, recruited myself with provisions, filled all my water, and the season of the year for returning towards Europe being come, I set sail from Batavia, and on the 19th of December made the Cape of Good Hope, whence departing January 11 we made the island of St. Helena on the 31st; and February the 21st the island of Ascension; near to which my ship, having sprung a leak which could not be stopped, foundered at sea; with much difficulty we got ashore where we lived on goats and turtle; and on the 26th of February found, to our great comfort, on the south-east side of a high mountain, about half a mile from its top, a spring of fresh water. I returned to England in the Canterbury East India ship. For which wonderful deliverance from so many and great dangers I think my

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