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A Year in Fife Park by Quinn Wilde

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A Year in Fife Park
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A Year in Fife Park A Year in Fife Park Quinn Wilde by Quinn Wilde
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45,815 / 124 pg
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Quinn Wilde from
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Creative Commons, Post-1930, Fiction and Literature, Audiobook
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A Year in Fife Park A Year in Fife Park Quinn Wilde by Quinn Wilde is a free eBook resources for your Kindle, iPad/iPhone, computer, smart phone or ereader.

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A Year in Fife Park by Quinn Wilde description:

Quinn Wilde spends a formative year studying at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland, and living in Fife Park, the cheapest student residence in the UK.Along the way, there are mistakes and faux pas, damages and destruction, passions and revelations, longing and belonging, love, mystery, tragedy, respect, and just a tiny little bit of sex.

' Frank asked me, late the first night. 'Strathblane, apparently.'

We downloaded Duelling Banjos, and played it with the volume up.

Five of Seven

My room was freezing cold, pitch black half the time, and there was usually someone semi-conscious sprawled out on the bed. Often this was me. Despite this, my room was the most popular in the house, not counting the kitchen. This was almost certainly because of my open-door policy, because there were slightly fewer pairs of dirty boxer shorts on the floor than in Frank's room, and because I had the best computer by a country mile.

Craig also had a computer, and quite a good one, but he did not operate an open-door policy. In fact, he used to close his door and repeatedly lock and then unlock it for fifteen straight minutes, until he was satisfied that it was locked. Then he'd do the same thing with the light switch. From outside the house, it probably looked like he was hosting a very small and lonely rave.

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