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An Orkney Maid by Amelia Edith Barr

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An Orkney Maid
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An Orkney Maid An Orkney Maid Amelia Edith Barr by Amelia Edith Barr
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65,096 / 184 pg
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Amelia Edith Barr from
Adult content:
Fiction and Literature, War
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An Orkney Maid An Orkney Maid Amelia Edith Barr by Amelia Edith Barr is a free epub books for your Kindle, iPad/iPhone, computer, smart phone or ereader.

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An Orkney Maid by Amelia Edith Barr description:

Two girls see their lovers go off to war. Contrast in character and reaction makes the theme of the novel.

change! Just as thou art pleases me!"

Then with a face full of love Thora stooped and kissed her mother and anon began to set the table for the expected guests. With sandalled feet and smiling face, she walked about the room with the composure of a goddess. There was no hesitation concerning what she had to do; all had been arranged and settled in her mind previously, though now and then, the discussion of a point appeared to be pleasant and satisfying. Thus she thoughtfully said:

"Mother, there will be thyself and father and Boris, that is three, and Sunna Vedder, and Helga and Maren Torrie, that makes six, and Gath Peterson, and Wolf Baikie and his sisters Sheila and Maren make ten, and myself, eleven–that is all and it is enough."

"Why not make it twelve?"

"There is luck in odd numbers. I am the eleventh. I like it."

"Thou might have made it ten. There is one girl on thy list it would be better without."

"Art thou thinking of Sunna Vedder, Mother?"

"Yes, I

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