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Atlantic Monthly by Various Authors

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Atlantic Monthly
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Atlantic Monthly Vol. 11, No. 64. February, 1863 by Various Authors
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83,483 / 245 pg
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Various Authors from
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Atlantic Monthly Vol. 11, No. 64. February, 1863 by Various Authors is a free eBook downloads for your Kindle, iPad/iPhone, computer, smart phone or ereader.

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who should exert himself to rise from the presidency of an aristocratical corporation, which is all that a British monarch now is, to the place of king of a great and free people. A prince with talent, and with a hold on the affection of his nominal subjects, might confer the blessing of strong government on Britain, and rule over the first of empires, instead of being a mere doge, or, as Napoleon coarsely had it, a pig to fatten at the public expense. The time would appear to be near at hand when England shall be the scene of a new struggle for power, with the aristocracy on the one side, and the sovereign and most of the people on the other. A nation like England cannot exist long with weakness organized for its government, and there is nothing in the condition of Parliament or of parties that allows us to suppose that from them strength could proceed, any more than that grapes could be gathered from thorns or figs from thistles. A monarch who should effect the change indicated might be called a usurper, a

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