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Bohemian Days by George Alfred Townsend

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Bohemian Days
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Bohemian Days Three American Tales by George Alfred Townsend
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67,613 / 200 pg
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George Alfred Townsend from
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Bohemian Days Three American Tales by George Alfred Townsend is a free kindle books for your Kindle, iPad/iPhone, computer, smart phone or ereader.

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Bohemian Days by George Alfred Townsend description:

ing apparel.

Mr. Simp already owed his landlord fifteen months' rent, for which the only security was his diminishing effects.

If the mole-eyed concierge should suspect foul play with these, Simp would be turned out of doors immediately and the property confiscated.

Singly and in packages the collateral made its exit. A half-dozen regal chemises made to order at fifty francs apiece; a musical clock picked up at Genoa for twelve louis; a patent boot-jack and an ebony billiard cue; a Paduan violin; two statuettes of more fidelity than modesty, to be sold pound for pound at the current value of bronze; divers pipes–articles of which Mr. Simp had earned the title of connoisseur, by investing several hundred dollars annually–a gutta-percha self-adjusting dog-muzzle, the dog attached to which had been seized by H. M. Napoleon III. in lieu of taxes, etc., etc.

Everything passed out successfully except one pair of pantaloons which protruded from Freckle's vest, and that unfortunate perso

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