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Charley's Museum by Unknown

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Charley's Museum
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Charley's Museum Charley's Museum A Story for Young People Unknown by Unknown
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7,947 / 29 pg
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Unknown from
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Charley's Museum Charley's Museum A Story for Young People Unknown by Unknown is a free epub books for your Kindle, iPad/iPhone, computer, smart phone or ereader.

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Charley's Museum by Unknown description:

very fond of ripe walnuts halved, and while picking out the meat, makes a little clucking noise, showing that it is pleased.

It is soon taught to repeat words and short sentences and to speak quite plainly. Sometimes, when angry, it screams loudly, and seems to practise any new accomplishment when it thinks that nobody can hear it.

Another Bird, added to our Boy's Museum, was called the Brush Turkey, because it is found mostly in the thick brush-wood of New South Wales. The gentleman, who first made it known to the public, tells also of a very curious way, in which the bird makes its nest. It never uses its bill, as other birds do, but tears up grass and dirt and sticks with its foot and flings it backward into a heap, and thus clears the ground, for some distance round, so thoroughly, that hardly a grass blade or leaf is left.

[Illustration: A BULLA AMPULLA. (TWO VIEWS)]

Having finished the pile and waited till it has become heated enough it lays its eggs, not side by side, as in

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