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Evil Out of Onzar by Mark Ganes

Book Name:
Evil Out of Onzar
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Evil Out of Onzar Evil Out of Onzar Mark Ganes by Mark Ganes
Book Size:
19,455 / 62 pg
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Mark Ganes from
Adult content:
Science Fiction, Post-1930
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Evil Out of Onzar Evil Out of Onzar Mark Ganes by Mark Ganes is a free eBook resources for your Kindle, iPad/iPhone, computer, smart phone or ereader.

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Evil Out of Onzar by Mark Ganes description:

The orphan system of Onzar was fuming under its leader's driving, paranoid megalomania. For there was a prize. A vast, grand prize within a parsec of this ambitious domain—the major warp-lines of space crossing the Galaxy between the Allied Worlds and the Darzent Empire. Skyward, hungry legions!

but one of your jobs will be to get the details."

The coordinates on the lat-don dial had almost lined up, though the forest was still completely unbroken below. A few hundred meters to the right and he had it. Thane let the anti-grav hover for a moment, and then dropped silently downward. Branches of spruce brushed against the plastic cabin as the anti-grav settled into the forest. It gently settled on a thin layer of powder snow. There was nothing but the silence of the forest, broken only by the thin sound of the wind in the branches above.

He stepped out, breathing in the cold, crisp air. He started off through the forest using the unfamiliar Terran compass. One hundred twenty meters, azimuth 273 (difficult to maintain through the trees) and he would come, according to his directions, to a tree a little different from the rest. He continued, with the brittle snow tinkling faintly under his feet.

Then a new sound. Once … again … then a repeated volley. Stoltz guns. From the tone, h

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