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Gaspar the Gaucho by Captain Mayne Reid

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Gaspar the Gaucho
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Gaspar the Gaucho A Story of the Gran Chaco by Captain Mayne Reid
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92,904 / 273 pg
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Captain Mayne Reid from
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Fiction and Literature, Western, Adventure
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Gaspar the Gaucho A Story of the Gran Chaco by Captain Mayne Reid is a free eBook resources for your Kindle, iPad/iPhone, computer, smart phone or ereader.

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Gaspar the Gaucho by Captain Mayne Reid description:

Set in South America, in Paraguay, the hero and his band of friends have many an adventure, just in the course of one voyage, or undertaking. They frequently get themselves into dangerous and risky situations, but always by their superior bush-craft manage to get themselves out of them after having practically died, or at least having seen their horses die.

ght, had his involuntary guest seized upon, carried beyond the confines of his territory, and landed upon Argentine soil–but stripped of everything save the clothes on his back!

Soon after, Bonpland settled near the town of Corrientes, where, safe from further persecution, he once more entered upon agricultural pursuits. And there, in the companionship of a South American lady–his wife–with a family of happy children, he ended a life that had lasted for fourscore years, innocent and unblemished, is it had been useful, heroic, and glorious.



In some respects similar to the experience of Aime Bonpland was that of Ludwig Halberger. Like the former, an ardent lover of Nature, as also an accomplished naturalist, he too had selected South America as the scene of his favourite pursuits. On the great river Parana–better, though erroneously, known to Europeans as the La Plata–he wo

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