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Hazel Squirrel by Howard B. Famous

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Hazel Squirrel
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Hazel Squirrel and Other Stories by Howard B. Famous
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16,261 / 51 pg
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Howard B. Famous from
Adult content:
Young Readers, Nature, Fiction and Literature
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Hazel Squirrel and Other Stories by Howard B. Famous is a free kindle books for your Kindle, iPad/iPhone, computer, smart phone or ereader.

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Hazel Squirrel by Howard B. Famous description:

ds from all over the woods just happened by, and always after a second or two they would say, "I hear you have company from the city."

And then Mother Red Squirrel would have to stop work and tell all about it. But the worst of it was nobody knew the way back to the park.

Pretty soon Mother Red Squirrel had an idea. "Mr. Bat is a great traveler," she said, "even if he does go to places only at night, I'll ask him." Now, nobody likes to be waked out of a sound sleep to be asked questions. Mr. Bat blinked his eyes very hard, though by that time the sun was too bright for him to see a thing, and at first he said he didn't know the way either. Then Mrs. Red Squirrel flattered him a little and told how she had asked everybody the way to the park and nobody knew. "I felt sure you'd know," she added, at which Mr. Bat remembered he did and promised to take the little runaways home, just as soon as it should be dark enough!

When Bushy-Tail and Hazel learned that they were going home that night, th

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