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Mercenary by Dallas McCord Reynolds

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Mercenary Mercenary Dallas McCord Reynolds by Dallas McCord Reynolds
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22,274 / 72 pg
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Dallas McCord Reynolds from
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Science Fiction, Post-1930, Short Story
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Mercenary Mercenary Dallas McCord Reynolds by Dallas McCord Reynolds is a free eBook downloads for your Kindle, iPad/iPhone, computer, smart phone or ereader.

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Mercenary by Dallas McCord Reynolds description:

Every status-quo-caste society in history has left open two roads to rise above your caste: The Priest and The Warrior. But in a society of TV and tranquilizers–the Warrior acquires a strange new meaning….

them. Our only alternative is unconditional surrender, and you know what that means."

"It means our family would probably be forced from control of the firm," the older man growled. "But nobody has suggested surrender on any terms. Nobody, thus far." He glared at his officer son who took it with an easy shrug and swung a leg over the edge of his father's desk in the way of a seat.

Joe Mauser found a chair and lowered himself into it. Evidently, the foppish Balt Haer had no illusions about the spot his father had got the family corporation into. And the younger man was right, of course.

But the Baron wasn't blind to reality any more than he was a coward. He dismissed Balt Haer's defeatism from his mind and came back to Joe Mauser. "As I say, you're the only officer recruit today. Why?"

Joe said evenly, "I wouldn't know, sir. Perhaps freelance Category Military men are occupied elsewhere. There's always a shortage of trained officers."

Baron Haer was waggling a finger negative

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