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Merton of the Movies by Harry Leon Wilson

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Merton of the Movies
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Merton of the Movies Merton of the Movies Harry Leon Wilson by Harry Leon Wilson
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114,814 / 324 pg
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Harry Leon Wilson from
Adult content:
Pulp, Western, Humor, Audiobook
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Merton of the Movies Merton of the Movies Harry Leon Wilson by Harry Leon Wilson is a free eBook resources for your Kindle, iPad/iPhone, computer, smart phone or ereader.

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Merton of the Movies by Harry Leon Wilson description:

The most joyful and gorgeous satire on the motion picture industry that has ever appeared; a novel packed with humor by a man of great gifts for fantastic whimsy and acute observation; the latest and perhaps the best work by one of the most civilized and intelligent literary artists in America. (Made into a movie starring Red Skelton.)

ged her to beware of the half-breed? Perhaps she had resented the hint of mastery in Benson's cool, quiet tones as he said, "Miss St. Clair, ma'am, I beg you not to endanger your welfare by permitting the advances of this viper. He bodes no good to such as you."

Perhaps–who knows?–Estelle St. Clair had even thought to trifle with the feelings of Snake le Vasquez, then to scorn him for his presumption. Although the beautiful New York society girl had remained unsullied in the midst of a city's profligacy, she still liked "to play with fire," as she laughingly said, and at the quiet words of Benson–Two-Gun Benson his comrades of the border called him–she had drawn herself to her full height, facing him in all her blond young beauty, and pouted adorably as she replied, "Thank you! But I can look out for myself."

Yet she had wandered on her pony farther than she meant to, and was not without trepidation at the sudden appearance of the picturesque halfbreed, his teeth flashing in an evil smile as

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