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Paradise Garden by George Gibbs

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Paradise Garden
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Paradise Garden The Satirical Narrative of a Great Experiment by George Gibbs
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93,592 / 270 pg
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George Gibbs from
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Satire, Fiction and Literature, Romance
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Paradise Garden The Satirical Narrative of a Great Experiment by George Gibbs is a free kindle books for your Kindle, iPad/iPhone, computer, smart phone or ereader.

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Paradise Garden by George Gibbs description:

The remarkable experiences of a young man of 21, who is thrust into modern society without knowledge of woman or sex.

sk with a grave sense of his responsibility to me and to his Maker. If after a proper period of time he does not discover in his own heart a sincere affection for my child, he will be honest enough to confess the truth, and be discharged of the obligation. For it is clear that without love, such an experiment is foredoomed to failure. To a man such as my mind has pictured, affection here will not be difficult, for nature has favored Jerry with gifts of mind and body."

Everywhere in John Benham's instructions there were signs of a deep and corroding cynicism which no amount of worldly success had been able to dispel. Everywhere could be discovered a hatred of modern social forms and a repugnance for the modern woman, against whom he warns the prospective tutor in language which is as unmistakable as the Benham Wall. It pleased me to find at least one wise man who agreed with me in this particular. Until the age of twenty-one, woman was to be taboo for Jerry Benham, not only her substance, but her essenc

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