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Punchinello by Various Authors

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Punchinello Punchinello Vol 1, no. 11 (June 11, 1870) Various by Various Authors
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13,390 / 48 pg
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Various Authors from
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Punchinello Punchinello Vol 1, no. 11 (June 11, 1870) Various by Various Authors is a free eBook resources for your Kindle, iPad/iPhone, computer, smart phone or ereader.

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Punchinello by Various Authors description:

immediately upon emerging from the sacred vegetable preserve, a couple of the more elderly and designing of them assumed a sudden air of abstracted musing, and reduced their progress to a most dignified and leisurely walk, as though to convince the human beholder that their recent proximity to the cabbages had been but the trivial accident of a meditative stroll.

Similarly, service in the church being over, and divers persons of piggish solemnity of aspect dispersing, two of the latter detach themselves from the rest and try an easy lounge around toward a side door of the building, as though willing to be taken by the outer world for a couple of unimpeachable low-church gentlemen who merely happened to be in that neighborhood at that hour for an airing.

The day and year are waning, and the setting sun casts a ruddy but not warming light upon two figures under the arch of the side door; while one of these figures locks the door, the other, who seems to have a music book under his arm, comes out, with a s

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