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Rough Translation by Jean M. Janis

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Rough Translation
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Rough Translation by Jean M. Janis
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6,048 / 25 pg
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Jean M. Janis from
Adult content:
Short Story, Science Fiction, Post-1930
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Rough Translation by Jean M. Janis description:

Don't be ashamed if you can't blikkel any more. It's because you couldn't help framishing.

ad suddenly relaxed. "What I'm going to do," he went on, "is say some words. It'll be a kind of game. I'll say a word and then you say a word. You say the first word you think after you hear my word. Okay?" He cleared his throat. "Okay! The first word is–house."

"My house."

"Bird," said Jonathan.

"Uh–tree." Richie scratched his nose and stifled a yawn.

* * * * *

Disappointed, Jonathan reminded himself that Richie at six could not be expected to remember something he had said when he was three. "Dog."

"Biffy." Richie sat up straight. "Daddy, did you know Biffy had puppies? Steve's mother showed me. Biffy had four puppies, Daddy. Four!"

Jonathan nodded. He supposed Richie's next statement would be an appeal to go next door and negotiate for one of the pups, and he hurried on with, "Carooms."

"Friends," said Richie, eyes still shining. "Daddy, do you suppose we could have a pup–" He broke off at the look on Jonathan's face. "Huh?"


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