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Saved at Sea by Mrs O.F. Walton

Book Name:
Saved at Sea
Book info:
Saved at Sea A Lighthouse Story by Mrs O.F. Walton
Book Size:
16,406 / 50 pg
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Mrs O.F. Walton from
Adult content:
Young Readers, Nautical, Religion
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Saved at Sea A Lighthouse Story by Mrs O.F. Walton is a free eBook downloads for your Kindle, iPad/iPhone, computer, smart phone or ereader.

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Saved at Sea by Mrs O.F. Walton description:

s a child, Alick!' he said; 'put it down by you.'

I put the bundle at my feet, and my grandfather cried, 'Now another; quick, my lads!'

But at this moment Jem Millar seized his arm. 'Sandy! look out!' he almost shrieked.

My grandfather turned round. A mighty wave, bigger than any I had seen before, was coming towards us. In another moment we should have been dashed by its violence against the ship, and all have perished.

My grandfather hastily let go the rope, and we just got out of the way of the ship before the wave reached us. And then came a noise, loud as a terrible thunder-clap, as the mighty wave dashed against Ainslie Crag. I could hardly breathe, so dreadful was the moment!

'Now back again for some more!' cried my grandfather, when the wave had passed.

We looked round, but the ship was gone! It had disappeared like a dream when one awakes, as if it had never been. That mighty wave had broken its back, and shattered it into a thousand fragments. Nothing was to

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