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Scaramouche by Rafael Sabatini

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Scaramouche Scaramouche A Romance of the French Revolution Rafael Sabatini by Rafael Sabatini
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125,918 / 363 pg
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Rafael Sabatini from
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Adventure, Fiction and Literature, Audiobook
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Scaramouche Scaramouche A Romance of the French Revolution Rafael Sabatini by Rafael Sabatini is a free eBook downloads for your Kindle, iPad/iPhone, computer, smart phone or ereader.

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Scaramouche by Rafael Sabatini description:

A romantic tale of a young aristocrat's adventures during the French Revolution. At one point the hero joins a theater troupe to portray ''Scaramouche''. He also becomes a lawyer, a politician, and a lover, confounding his enemies with his elegant oration and precise swordsmanship. An excellent swashbuckler!

g to Gavrillac on a November morning, laden with news of the political storms which were then gathering over France, Philippe found in that sleepy Breton village matter to quicken his already lively indignation. A peasant of Gavrillac, named Mabey, had been shot dead that morning in the woods of Meupont, across the river, by a gamekeeper of the Marquis de La Tour d'Azyr. The unfortunate fellow had been caught in the act of taking a pheasant from a snare, and the gamekeeper had acted under explicit orders from his master.

Infuriated by an act of tyranny so absolute and merciless, M. de Vilmorin proposed to lay the matter before M. de Kercadiou. Mabey was a vassal of Gavrillac, and Vilmorin hoped to move the Lord of Gavrillac to demand at least some measure of reparation for the widow and the three orphans which that brutal deed had made.

But because Andre-Louis was Philippe's dearest friend – indeed, his almost brother – the young seminarist sought him out in the first instance. He found him at break

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