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Security by Ernest M. Kenyon

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Security Security Ernest M. Kenyon by Ernest M. Kenyon
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4,689 / 21 pg
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Ernest M. Kenyon from
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Security Security Ernest M. Kenyon by Ernest M. Kenyon is a free eBook online for your Kindle, iPad/iPhone, computer, smart phone or ereader.

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Security by Ernest M. Kenyon description:

If you let a man learn, and study, and work–and clamp a lid on so that nothing he takes into his mind can be let out–one way or another he'll blow a safety valve!

"Yes. Not bad either though I shouldn't say it. I didn't know you were interested in Botany." His voice was casual with a slight questioning note.

Collins suddenly felt ridiculous. What was he accusing the man of? Mason had a right to publish on anything he wanted to, still a muddled series of half facts, incidents and suspicions chased through his mind.

Mason walked over to his desk and filling his pipe sat down thoughtfully and leaned back motioning Collins into a nearby chair.

"I think I know what is on your mind, Milt. Maybe I can straighten this out. Gordon told me a little while ago that you wanted to resign."

Collins stiffened. So, these two were working together.

"Milt, did you ever stop to think how lucky we are? Where can you get better equipment, help, coöperation in the country than here?" Collins leaned forward to speak, but Mason went on. "Oh, I know all the problems of security and how it strangles work." He paused for a moment as though tryin

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