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Spice and the Devil's Cave by Agnes Danforth Hewes

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Spice and the Devil's Cave
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Spice and the Devil's Cave by Agnes Danforth Hewes
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84,397 / 237 pg
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Agnes Danforth Hewes from
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Young Readers, History, Post-1930, Adventure, Pirate Tales
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Spice and the Devil's Cave by Agnes Danforth Hewes is a free kindle books for your Kindle, iPad/iPhone, computer, smart phone or ereader.

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Spice and the Devil's Cave by Agnes Danforth Hewes description:

"The setting is Lisbon, Portugal in the late 1490s, as Vasco de Gama, Bartholomew Diaz, and Ferdinand Magellan discuss their plans to find the elusive sea route around the Cape of Good Hope, which would enable Portugal to access the spice-rich countries of the Far East." –Wikipedia

l the same way about us!" the boy retorted. "Aren't they both doing their best to crowd us out of the race for India? And we could have been there before Spain ever thought of sending out Columbus, if we'd only followed Captain Diaz' lead! But now, Spain claims that Columbus has reached the Orient; by way of the west, to be sure, but still reached it."

"There is no doubt Columbus has found something," Abel said thoughtfully, "but whether it's the Orient, or even any part of the Orient — Look here, Ferdinand," he broke in on himself, "you know, and I know, that those half-naked savages and those rude gewgaws that Columbus brought back don't tally with the great cities and the costly trade that men who've been in the Orient tell about — men like Marco Polo and his compatriots Conti, and Cabot, and even our own Covilham."

"Well," Ferdinand offered, "to do Columbus justice, all he claims is that what he's found is the undeveloped outskirts of Cipangu or Cathay. But if we could settle what we've al

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