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The Big Fix by George Oliver Smith

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The Big Fix
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The Big Fix The Big Fix George Oliver Smith by George Oliver Smith
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10,211 / 37 pg
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George Oliver Smith from
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Short Story, Post-1930, Science Fiction
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The Big Fix The Big Fix George Oliver Smith by George Oliver Smith is a free epub books for your Kindle, iPad/iPhone, computer, smart phone or ereader.

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The Big Fix by George Oliver Smith description:

Anyone who holds that telepathy and psi powers would mean an end to crime quite obviously underestimates the ingenuity of the human race. Now consider a horserace that had to be fixed…

ldn't change his clothing, too. His name was Gimpy Gordon.

I said, "Get out!"

He whined, "Mr. Wilson, you just gotta help me."


"Fer years," he said, "I been living on peanuts. I been runnin' errands for hard coins. I been–"

"Swiping the take of a Red Cross box," I snapped at him.

"Aw, Mr. Wilson," he whined, "I simply gotta make a stake. I'm a-goin' to send it back when I win."

"Are you going to win?"

"Can't I?"

For a moment I toyed with the idea of being honest with the Gimp. Somehow, someone should tell the duffer that all horse players die broke, or that if he could make a living I'd be out of business.

Gimpy Gordon was one of Life's Unfortunates. If it were to rain gold coins, Gimpy would be out wearing boxing gloves. His mental processes meandered because of too much methyl. His unfortunate nickname did not come from the old-fashioned reason that he walked with a limp, but from the even more unfortunate reason that he

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