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The Happy End by Joseph Hergesheimer

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The Happy End
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The Happy End by Joseph Hergesheimer
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74,724 / 224 pg
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Joseph Hergesheimer from
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Romance, Humor, Short Story Collection
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The Happy End by Joseph Hergesheimer description:

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"The hell you say!" she replied with cheerful surprise. "Who'd thought Hannah was old enough to have a fellow!"

They were out of the village now and she produced a paper pack of cigarettes from a leather hand bag with a florid gilt top. Flooding her being with smoke she gazed with a shudder at the mountain wall on either hand, the unbroken greenery sweeping to the sky.

"It's worse than I remembered," she confided, resting against him. "A person with any life to them would go dippy here. Say, it's fierce! And yet, inside of me, I'm kind of glad to see it. I used to dream about the mountains, and this is like riding in the dream. I'm glad you came for me and let me down easy into things. I suppose they live in the kitchen home and pa'd lose a currycomb in his beard. Does Hosmer still beller if he gets the chicken neck?

"Do you sit in the holy parlor for your courting, and ain't that plush sofa a God-forsaken perch for two little love birds? It's funny how I remember this and t

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