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The King's Assegai by Bertram Mitford

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The King's Assegai
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The King's Assegai A Matabili Story by Bertram Mitford
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47,181 / 135 pg
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Bertram Mitford from
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The King's Assegai A Matabili Story by Bertram Mitford is a free eBook resources for your Kindle, iPad/iPhone, computer, smart phone or ereader.

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The King's Assegai by Bertram Mitford description:

"We can cordially recommend this book to all who care for stories of battle, murder, and sudden death. Mr. Mitford, who has already made his mark, handles these South Africansubjects with a masterful hand. The account of theattack by Zulus on the Basutu kraals is a splendid bit ofwriting. There is no question as to the interest of thestory or the ability with which it is written."– Vanity Fair.

, in their stupendous size, upon the warriors of Tshaka. These in dismay tried to draw back, but could not, for the weight of those behind pressed them on; failing in this, they bounded forward, and our assegais were there to receive them, while all the time the rolling rocks were crashing down upon their rear, filling up the entire mouth of the gap. We had shut back the army of Tshaka as it were by a gate. The great pile of rocks which filled the gap was far too high for men to leap over, too loose to be pulled down, lest the entire mass should fall upon and crush them. Such was the strategy of our chief.

"And now upon those of our enemies who were thus walled in with us there bore down the whole of our force, led by Umzilikazi in person. Those of us who were in flight turned, re-formed, and sprang like lightning to the charge; while others of us, who had been lying concealed, leaped from our ambush, and, forming a dense half-circle, we rushed upon the warriors of Tshaka. These were about two thousand

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