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The Lady of the Decoration by Frances Little

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The Lady of the Decoration
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The Lady of the Decoration The Lady of the Decoration Frances Little by Frances Little
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34,488 / 97 pg
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Frances Little from
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Fiction and Literature, Travel, Romance
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The Lady of the Decoration The Lady of the Decoration Frances Little by Frances Little is a free epub books for your Kindle, iPad/iPhone, computer, smart phone or ereader.

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The Lady of the Decoration by Frances Little description:

Set between 1901 and 1905, the story is presented as the diary of a young missionary kindergarten teacher in Hiroshima, Japan who travels to Vladivostock, Russia as a consequence of the Russo-Japanese War. At the dawn of the 20th Century, most Americans knew almost nothing of Japan, and Little's novel presented a view of Japanese life that captured the imagination of the reading public, making it the No. 1 bestseller of 1907. Followed by The Lady and Sada San.

pers, and laughed at the big sleeves.

"Where are you going to wear all these lovely things?" asked Miss Dixon. And again my heart sank, for even my simple wardrobe, planned for the exigencies of school life, seemed strangely extravagant and out of place.

But I want to say right now, Mate, that if I stay here a thousand years I'll never come to jerseys and eight-year-old hats! I am going to subscribe to a good fashion paper, and at least keep within hailing distance of the styles.

It is too warm to go down to the school yet so we are to spend a week in the mountains before we start in for the fall term.

Dear Pa and Little Germany have been here twice in three hours but I saw them first.

Home letters will not arrive until next week, and I can scarcely wait for the time to come. I keep thinking that I am away on a visit and that I will be going back soon. I find myself saving things to show you, and even starting to buy things to bring home. I have a good deal to learn, haven't I?


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