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The Observers by G.L. Vandenburg

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The Observers
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The Observers The Observers G.L. Vandenburg by G.L. Vandenburg
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9,085 / 34 pg
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G.L. Vandenburg from
Adult content:
Short Story, Science Fiction, Post-1930
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The Observers The Observers G.L. Vandenburg by G.L. Vandenburg is a free kindle books for your Kindle, iPad/iPhone, computer, smart phone or ereader.

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The Observers by G.L. Vandenburg description:

You can't be too suspicious when security is at stake. When everybody who is after a key military job wears a toupee, it is obviously a bald case of espionage.

For a moment he thought Paula Ralston might be perpetrating a joke of elaborate proportions. He rejected the idea as fast as it came to him. He didn't know the girl very well yet, but he knew her well enough to know she was strictly business. She wanted one of these men to get that job.

He flipped the intercom button for Miss Conway. She might be able to tell him … indirectly.

"You wanted me, Mr. Payne?"

"Yes, Miss Conway. The three men who've already been in here … have you noticed anything strange about them?"

Her eyebrows merged and spelled perplexity. She pursed her lips and gave the matter the gravest consideration. Then she concluded, "Yes, something very strange."

Harry was hopeful. "What was it?"

"None of them did very much talking. Strictly anti-social types."

Harry groaned, realizing he should have known better. "Thank you, Miss Conway. That's all."

"The fourth guy is waiting outside."

"Let him sit for a couple of mi

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