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The Point of View by Stanley Grauman Weinbaum

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The Point of View
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The Point of View by Stanley Grauman Weinbaum
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7,663 / 29 pg
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Stanley Grauman Weinbaum from
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Science Fiction, Short Story, Post-1930, Audiobook
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The Point of View by Stanley Grauman Weinbaum description:

This etext was produced from A Martian Odyssey and Others.

z. Thus he could apprehend my conception of van Manderpootz's reaction to the color red.

And shapes! It took me several minutes to identify the weird, angular, twisted, distorted appearance in the center of the room as the plain laboratory table. The room itself, aside from its queer form, looked smaller, perhaps because van Manderpootz is somewhat larger than I.

But by far the strangest part of his point of view had nothing to do with the outlook upon the physical world, but with the more fundamental elements–with his attitudes. Most of his thoughts, on that first occasion, were beyond me, because I had not yet learned to interpret the personal symbolism in which he thought. But I did understand his attitudes. There was Carter, for instance, toiling away out in the large laboratory; I saw at once what a plodding, unintelligent drudge he seemed to van Manderpootz. And there was Miss Fitch; I confess that she had always seemed unattractive to me, but my impression of her was Venus herse

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