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The Yellow Horde by Hal G. Evarts

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The Yellow Horde
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The Yellow Horde The Yellow Horde Hal G. Evarts by Hal G. Evarts
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38,118 / 111 pg
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Hal G. Evarts from
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Fiction and Literature, Nature
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The Yellow Horde The Yellow Horde Hal G. Evarts by Hal G. Evarts is a free eBook online for your Kindle, iPad/iPhone, computer, smart phone or ereader.

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The Yellow Horde by Hal G. Evarts description:

The adventure of the coyote is so vivid and enthralling that the reader closes the book with a feeling that he has been transported back to the great open spaces of the West and Northwest and understands the free, wild life of the hunted.

thrilled with the knowledge that his queer pack followed loyally where he led, and when at last he singled out a steer the two veteran coyotes angled swiftly in and ran but a few yards on either side of him.

Then Breed sounded the meat call,–and two jeering coyote voices launched into full cry and howled with him. And Collins, the Coyote Prophet, for the first time in all his experience heard wolf and coyote howl in unison over the same kill.

Every night thereafter Breed's pack of two ran with him on the hunt and always there were the dim shapes circling the kill, padding restlessly through the sage as they waited for the yellow wolf to leave so they could swarm in and pick the bones.

At first Breed had retired to the edge of the hills to spend his days, but his habits were changed through long immunity until his days as well as nights were spent in the open country; but his caution was never relaxed and he bedded on the crest of some rise of ground which afforded a clear field of view

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