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Thicker Than Blood by M.A. Newhall

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Thicker Than Blood
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Thicker Than Blood by M.A. Newhall
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70,763 / 193 pg
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M.A. Newhall from
Adult content:
Creative Commons, Science Fiction, Post-1930
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Thicker Than Blood by M.A. Newhall is a free kindle books for your Kindle, iPad/iPhone, computer, smart phone or ereader.

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Thicker Than Blood by M.A. Newhall description:

The flip of a switch gives Joe, an ordinary mechanic, superhuman abilities. He discovers his new powers after his aunt saves his life with restricted nanites. When the corporation sanctioned by the military to control all nanotechnology discovers his secret, everyone he knows is thrust into a world of deception and treason. Can Joe give the people of the world life-saving superhuman powers, or will the attempt claim his life.

per body which was lean and muscular. After spending several minutes examining his arms, he determined he was not bruised or scratched. He did discover he was covered with goosebumps. People at work knew of his condition, but had no idea how severe it was. Two years had passed since he started working at this garage, and he had managed to avoid a single incident. To avoid special attention, he built his gizmos after hours. Nervous a confrontation about his unfinished work would reveal the truth, he walked to a desk in the corner of the room and scribbled a hasty note for his boss that he had a family emergency. He was done for the night, his nerves were shot. He was careful about what he said, he liked his job and a good job was hard to find. Times were tough. Joe barely remembered the roaring nineties, he was too young to appreciate the spoils of the time. He did remember his mom and dad being too busy for him with all the work they were doing. His father compared the hard times to the depression his great g

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