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Tom Cringle's Log by Michael Scott

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Tom Cringle's Log
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Tom Cringle's Log by Michael Scott
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232,864 / 651 pg
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Michael Scott from
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Nautical, Fiction and Literature
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Tom Cringle's Log by Michael Scott description:

An early travel novel, set in the West Indies.

whole of the little vessel forward being hid in a cloud.

I had been invited this day to dine with the Captain, Mr Splinter, the first lieutenant being also of the party; the cloth had been withdrawn, and we had all had a glass or two of wine a–piece, when the fog settled down so thickly, although it was not more than five o'clock in the afternoon, that the captain desired that the lamp might be lit. It was done, and I was remarking the contrast between the dull, dusky, brown light, or rather the palpable London fog that came through the skylight, and the bright yellow sparkle of the lamp, when the second lieutenant, Mr Treenail, came down the ladder.

"We have shoaled our water to five fathoms, sir–shells and stones.–Here, Wilson, bring in the lead."

The leadsman, in his pea–jacket and shag trowsers, with the raindrop hanging to his nose, and a large knot in his cheek from a junk of tobacco therein stowed, with pale, wet visage, and whiskers sparkling with moisture, while his long black hair hun

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