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Under the Waves by Robert Michael Ballantyne

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Under the Waves
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Under the Waves Diving in Deep Waters by Robert Michael Ballantyne
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92,729 / 270 pg
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Robert Michael Ballantyne from
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Nautical, Fiction and Literature, Adventure
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Under the Waves Diving in Deep Waters by Robert Michael Ballantyne is a free eBook downloads for your Kindle, iPad/iPhone, computer, smart phone or ereader.

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Under the Waves by Robert Michael Ballantyne description:

This tale makes no claim to the character of an exhaustive illustration of all that belongs to the art of diving. It merely deals with the most important points, and some of the most interesting incidents connected therewith. In writing it I have sought carefully to exhibit the trueand to ignore the false or improbable.

right," returned Edgar. "I cannot consent to hang about a man's door, like a thief waiting to pounce on his treasure when it opens. Besides, he has forbidden Aileen to hold any intercourse with me, and I know her dear nature too well to subject it to a useless struggle between duty and inclination. She is certain to obey her father's orders at any cost."

"Then, sir," said Baldwin decidedly, "you'll just have to go afloat without sayin' good-bye. There's no help for it, but there's this comfort, that, bein' what she is, she'll like you all the better for it.–Now, here we are at the pier. Boat a-hoy-oy!"

In reply to the diver's hail a man in a punt waved his hand, and pulled for the landing-place.

A few strokes of the oar soon placed them on the deck of a large clumsy vessel which lay anchored off the entrance to the harbour. This was the diver's barge, which exhibited a ponderous crane with a pendulous hook and chain in the place where its fore-mast should have been. Several men were busi

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